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Angadanan March

Let’s march onward! for Angadanan beloved A seat of peace, of hope, of love and joy Your name and fame forever more resound Through verdant hills, and land, great rivers Seas and boundless sky.


Onward for Angadanan! Onward the golden rays are shining over us Onward for Angadanan! We’ll march along with vict’ries on our way, Loyal sons and daughters, we will ever be Place of beauty, where we gladly love to dwell,

Angadanians brave and true, United we are bound to be For prosperity give cheers to her glow

Repeat chorus

For prosperity beloved Angadanan Oward go!


Date written – July 23, 1983 

District supervisor – Mr. Eligio P. Ancheta 

Principal II – Miss. Helen A. Suguitan